Why reputation of a b-school important?

Why reputation of a b-school important?


In early days, Gurus enjoyed a monopoly in education. The education system has witnessed a drastic change on account of the transformations in the society. There is a huge change in policy, governance, structure and status of higher education worldwide recently. In many countries privatisation, liberalization, globalisation, dissolution of authority, internationalization and increased competition are common. How a higher education institute operates is affected by these changes. Business management educational landscape of Kerala also has become increasingly competitive with mushroom growth of b-schools joining the market. B-schools are now in a position where they have to identify a competitive advantage to differentiate and stand unique. Aspirants also find it difficult to choose between the alternatives before them. In this circumstance Business School Reputation is a legitimate consideration. Reputation increases an institute’s competitiveness and it’s the outcome of school’s activities. The more ties a business school has with different industries and employers, the better. B schools with high reputation tend to attract the greatest volume of recruiters and offer the best opportunities for new graduates.

The business school brand a student has on his or her resume goes way beyond the degree and allows employers, social groups and the public at large to form a perception about the candidate. Reputation is a factor that is built over the year. It is not something that can be built in one day. B schools should increase the effort to position their self with respect to competitors in the mind of prospective students and their parents. Current and prospective student’s perceptions of the image of a b school can aid b school in building strong and sustaining a positive image that is distinct, understood and accepted by the students. Building a good reputation requires attempt, persistence, and time. A single moment’s misstep can destroy reputation of a B School. A reputation is a delicate thing. It demands constant monitoring. Stability is essential.

The educational content of a business school education does not vary much between programs as compared to a law or medical school education. Compared to any other educational degree MBA is considered and ranked by more organizations. These ranking can help a student determine which schools are the most prestigious. Reputation of a B School serves in terms of networking and developing a well-built list of contacts. A school which is well known at a regional level may have to face challenges to reach the same fame out of state. Focusing on research results in more appropriate and apt course content to which the substantial part of B school’s reputation is related. Reputation should not be confused with rankings. For instance, if the student decides to study in India, then it makes sense to go to the best B school in a particular country. Among the other factors that students consider reputation plays a very crucial role. When perception about institutional reputation is favourable the degree of loyalty has a tendency to be higher.

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Ms. Deepthi, MBA, MPhil, (UGC-NET)


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