Why MBA?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is considered as a passport for youngsters with leadership qualities to enter the corporate world and according to one’s ability and passion one can scale heights easier compared to any other profession.. In fact, now- a- days, most of the prestigious Business Organizations specify MBA as an essential qualification for recruiting managerial personnel.

With advancement of technology and globalization, intensive competition for share of markets in countries of distinctive cultures is becoming acute. The Business World finds it difficult to plan and carry out competitive strategies without very skilled, talented and creative professionals and the MBA course is considered to be almost a panacea to select the best talents easily.

Apart from highly self-motivated and dynamic attitude and intensive knowledge in the area to be handled, a Manager should necessarily possess excellent decision making capability, ability to understand financial functions including analysis of financial statements, marketing and positioning strategies, inter-personnel skills, maintaining good human relations both inside and outside the organization and general idea and concepts of operations and so on.

A formal and practical oriented MBA programme equips a graduate from any of the streams, to transform himself/herself to a manager who understands and acquire the above said essentials makes each of them “Highly Employable” .

As many large countries, spearheaded by India and China are in the process of rapid development through industrialization and infrastructural advancement, there would be ever increasing scope for MBAs to get a good job according to their tastes and skills; along with handsome remuneration package and rapid opportunities to climb up the ladders in well managed and progressive Organisations.

It is not only the business field which require MBAs now, as the Governments of most of the countries also feel the necessity of professionalism in administrative and welfare functions and the scope of job opportunity is rising on account of such changes also

Another aspect is that, for young entrepreneurs, an MBA would be highly useful to start their own business with more efficiency and farsightedness. All the knowledge and skills obtained through the course would help them to manage the enterprise successfully.

Persons who are already employed at lower positions can improve their career path armed with an MBA. In addition to that switching careers is easy and they can land at good positions in areas where they are passionate.

In short, in the evolving world scenario it would be ideal to enter the job market with MBA or else future of young people could become highly frustrating.

Dr. Jayachandran, BTech-IIT-Madras, MBA-CUSAT, PhD -NAIU, Europe

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