Why industry interfaces are very important? (Internships in good companies)

The aim of business schools is to provide a platform for under graduate students to gain knowledge about the various dimensions related to business environment and a tool in making better decisions. A college degree is almost certainly a necessity in today’s business world. So the platform provided by B-schools will be valuable regardless of the career that is chosen after graduation. As a budding employee in the business world, it thus upgrades your bankability. The 21st century is better known for its sophisticated, cutthroat competition marked in all fields of life. So the obvious question comes, is the class room learning enough to brand yourself as a differentiator in the world of business? In this context, the relevance of “industry interface” comes in.

Industry interface is undertaken by institutes of management to enlighten the students of management with “practical” knowledge and learning. The academia industry collaborations help both the ends to meet their goal. Industry interface can be, lives cases taken up by faculty as well as students with industry, MDP programs conducted by the institute, consulting projects undertaken by faculty and last but not the least, the frequency of revise the curriculum in collaboration with the industry.

Industry interface is one of the brand building elements for B-schools in this day and age. It reflects on the schools academic capital. As a part of industry interface, students are encouraged to do Internships in good companies (the indicators of good companies, is subjected to specifications put across by colleges). During the internships, the students are required to gain knowledge about a particular company whereby students interact with all the department heads and employees based on their learning from the classrooms. These interactions pave way for knowledge sharing related to the various dimensions of business and ultimately helps you to connect the classrooms and the industry. The “classroom to industry” programs undertaken by b-schools are definitely an extra mileage for the less experienced students to come at par with the expectations of the business world. Industry interface helps students and B-schools to keep pace with the fast changing scenario of business which will eventually assist them at the time of their placements as well as in their career.

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