Why Finance Specialisation?


In the rapidly changing business world of today, there is a growing call for finance professionals who meet the high requirements set by firms operating in a challenging environment. In light of the recent world wide financial crisis, both the private and public sectors are in quest of well educated finance professionals that can help to remedy the current situation and to reduce the effects of future crises.

Finance is lifeblood of business organizations. Without finance no one can think or plan about any activities that’s why finance is important. Managing finance is an art and science. We can do well in finance by unique ideas and think differently.

With an extensive variety of pathways available to choose from, the Finance Portfolio gives students the opportunity to specialize in the area that most suits them. These consist of Accounting and Financial Management, Retail Banking and Money Markets, Investment banking and Capital Markets, Risk Management, Islamic Finance and Banking, Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity, etc.

Studying finance can guide us to more senior or specialized career roles such as academic, chief financial officer, corporate adviser or valuer, multinational funds manager, or portfolio manager. Opportunities also exist for advancement to middle and senior management positions in the public, private and government sectors.

The finance specialization will give the tools and competencies need for managing, controlling and financing business strategies. Financial management is fundamental in all these areas and it plays a dominant role in the banking and insurance industries.

Finance specialization helps to focus on international financial issues, quality concepts in financial management, and accounting for profit or non-profit organizations.

Mr. Joby Mathew, MCom, ACCA

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